Welcome to the all-new look MoodG! The focus is now on personal development, growth and all-round betterment and how anyone who wants to can improve themselves, their lives and their, well, everything!

moodgSo what is your mood today? Is it a good one, maybe because you're feeling great and good things are happening in your life?

Or is it a bad one, maybe because things are not going the way you want them to. Either way, whether you know it or not, you can set your mood the way you want it. How cool is that!

All you need to know is how.

That's a great place to start, by giving you some insights into exactly how you can start to change your life by changing your mood. You heard right. Everything in your life can start to get better simply by putting a good mood out there for others to notice.

The Energy of a Smile

It may sound completely nuts, but did you know that by putting a smile on your face, you set in motion a series of simple events that will result in your being in a better mood than before? It's not some kind of magic trick either. It's real and it has been proven to work in scientific, measurable and repeatable studies!

A smile contains a power-packed punch of positive energy that radiates throughout your body, infusing every cell and tissue with that same positive energy. It affects your brain function to lift you out of a any mood that is not positive in nature and not only that, but it also affects other people in your vicinity who notice your smile!

It's the actualization of that old saying, "laugh and the world laughs with you."

What if you don't feel much like smiling? No problem. Consider that feeling the starting block for a personal experiment just to see it in action for yourself. Whatever you're feeling, the trick is to think of a time that made you smile or even laugh out loud.

Then echo that memory by deliberately and consciously making your face smile. I'm sure you can remember how to do that, right?

Don't be too surprised when after a few seconds you actually start to feel a little happier (and your smile grows with it). There. You did it!

Positive Energy

The whole point of the process is to move your being's vibration frequency into a state of positive energy. We know that like energy attracts like energy (unlike magnetism where like poles repel - don't let that confuse you).

When you are in a frequency of positive energy vibration, you start to attract more positive energy to you in all its forms. It can start with something as simple as someone smiling back at you.

It can progress to your attracting a great job or creating a business deal that will propel you to financial freedom. Or you attracting an idea for a healthy diet and fitness lifestyle you want to take on. Or attracting a happy, harmonious relationship with a new person or the person you're already together with.

Whatever you attract while in a positive state, will be positive in nature. That can only be good for you in your life.